Outreach & Audience Engagement

In addition to traditional distribution methods, the producers have launched an ambitious Outreach and Engagement Campaign to maximize the film’s reach in communities and classrooms around the U.S. This campaign is focusing on three key areas:

  1. Highlight mental health awareness within the LGBTQ+ community. - Suicide continues to be a leading cause of death within the community.

  2. Educate healthcare professionals about HIV and AIDS history and resources — including the next generation of mental-health providers — about this little-known but crucial turning point in the history of psychiatry.

  3. Celebrate the role of LGBTQ pioneers in the movement for equality while sparking intergenerational dialogue among present-day activists, socially conscious youth, and elders.

The following elements are part of the Outreach & Engagement Campaign:

  • Virtual and in-person community screenings with LGBTQ organizations around the country, including Q&A sessions with filmmakers, tech and mental-health professionals

  • Collaborations to engage LGBTQ leaders, activists and HIV/AIDS Awareness

  • Tech companies, university & AIDS/HIV medical professional screenings, including Q&As with filmmakers and mental health professionals

  • Screenings for mental-health providers and hospital employees

  • Access to Ric Weiland's entire journal entires dating back to 1975

  • Virtual and in-person screenings with Zachary Quinto - narrator of Ric Weiland's journals.

  • Expanded features and interactive content on our project website